Rapa anayefahamika kama Tokyo Vanity amtuhumu Young Thug kwa kuiba wimbo wake wa “That’s My Best Friend.”


Tokyo Vanity amesema kupitia instagram kuwa Young Thug ameiba wimbo wake wa “Best Friend.” na kufanya wake na baadae kufanyia video.

“My song is copywritten and trademarked “That’s My Best Friend,” “I could sue if I want to, I will spit in y’all face. Keep telling me what  I got. F**k Young Thug.”

“I declined because I didn’t want to be in that video to that pooh-ass song,” she says in another video. “That song is pooh as his fucking dreads, bitch. He had to steal something, bitch. Career going down the drain, bitch. Got dropped from the label. Birdman fucking over.”

Young Thug ni msanii wa kundi la Birdman la Rich Gang lakini pia yupo chini ya lebel ya Cash Money.


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